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Which are your favorite comic book covers?

Pros: do you have any tips or strategies for coming up with successful cover concepts?

How much weight do you think cover design carries for sales? (I’ve heard the phrase “works like white on a cover,” for instance.)

What’s your thinking here?


The two books I really picked up based on cover alone were The Massive and Fury MAX.


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    As a reader, I’m turned off when the cover is vastly different than the interior on a book I’m not yet familiar with....
  2. mikemcquillian said: A good cover might catch my eye, but I rarely buy unless a writer I like is on the book. I think J.H. Williams’ Batwoman covers were the last to get me to buy without knowing the writer from previous books.
  3. yanbasque said: I may pick up a book based on the cover alone, but then I flip through it and if the interior art isn’t as nice, I often just put it back. So yeah, it helps to get my attention, but doesn’t automatically result in a sale.
  4. jhustoe said: I can’t say I’ve bought anything based strictly on the cover, but there are plenty that I’ve looked at because of it. I like the ones that boil down the idea/plot of an issue to an awesomely designed single image. Like New Avengers 27 by Leinil Yu.
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    I’m long winded, so I hope you enjoy a looong reply. But I’m providing pictures! [[MORE]] — First, I’m going to start by...
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    The two books I really picked up based on cover alone were The Massive and Fury MAX. AND THANK GOD I DID THEY ARE BOTH...
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  9. great-name-leto said: I love minimalist covers that show off character designs in an energetic way or symbolic stylized covers. Frank Quitely’s Batman & Robin covers or your Cpt Marvel #1 are all good. I despise Greg Land’s covers where he has random floating body parts, like heads, torsos, and…
  10. part2of3 said: i follow writers more than what’s on the cover. exceptions being Dave Mckeans Sandman covers got my attention all those years ago. and Glenn Fabry’s Preacher. now i love Cliff Chiangs Wonder Woman covers. Dave Johnson 100 Bullets. DMZ
  11. collababortion said: If the interior artist is good (e.g. Fiona Staples, Phil Noto), let them have at the cover. I’ll buy it for that alone. “Dynamism” doesn’t sell me on a book, nor does excessive copy. Give me art that tells me what to expect.
  12. admiralbeamish said: While I don’t typically cover shop any more a Dave Johnson or Tony Harris cover still makes me stop and consider. I did pick up an anthology once because it had an Alam Moore cover. I can say that variant covers rarely make me want to pay extra.
  13. koltreg said: As a retailer I only saw people buy for the cover alone when there was a neat variant - like the Tron Marvel characters sold really fast but that was because they looked good.
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    —- What’s in a cover? that which we see a comic By any other cover would sell as quick;
  15. captainstephrogers said: I like covers with action. Like the variant cover for Captain Marvel #1 and the cover of #3 are my favorites so far. I also like a lot of the Winter Soldier covers. Also plain backdrops and a pose aren’t really my thing.
  16. unpuzzling said: I like artistic renditions that are actually relevant to what’s in the book. A unique take on colors and a simplistic but abstract way of seeing the book’s contents without being an action post or a fighting pose. Those never attract me.
  17. captain-fur said: I long for the days when a cover reflected something that was actually on the book. I’m tired of pin-up and inventory covers and I miss desing elements like the cornerboxes Marvel used to have. I’m attracted to a book by its cover? Rarely.
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    Esad Ribic’s cover for Sub-Mariner: The Depths trade, Dave McKean’s covers in general but particularly for his Sandman...
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    My favorite covers of all time have to be Uncanny X-Men #137, #168, #210, X-Force #54 and #71, and a bunch of others (I...
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    Although not one of my favorite comics (although it does have the potential to be) I have to say that I find Batwoman’s...
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